Consumer Guide: Types of Digital Cameras

21318360578_aa03.jpgDigital cameras are growing in popularity because of the many advantages they offer. Digital cameras allow you to store fun and memorable memories and delete at will those snapshots you do not need. You can also use software and in-camera editing features to improve your photo quality with a digital camera. Overall, digital cameras are easy and convenient to use. They provide high-quality shots for your picture-taking needs.

How do Digital Cameras work?

Digital cameras record your photo through a light-sensitive circuit, usually a CCD (charge-coupled device) or a CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductors). As the light strikes the circuit, it converts the light to picture elements, better known as pixels. Each pixel is a dot that represents a tiny portion of the photo. By combining all the pixels, a photo or image is made which is then stored in a memory card.

To know what type of digital camera to buy, read about the 3 types of digital cameras such as Sony digital cameras, Nikon Digital cameras, Olympus Digital cameras and Canon digital cameras below.

Ultra-compact models

Canon digital cameras, Sony Digital cameras and Nikon digital cameras are widely known for their Ultra compact models. These are digital cameras which are less than 1 inch in thickness and offer stylish camera bodies in multiple colors. Ultra-thin models usually are very easy to use and do not offer “extra” or high-end features.

Point-and-shoot models

These are digital cameras that are easy to use and have no manual-control features. You can take the camera out of the box, load or charge the battery and memory card and begin shooting immediately with this type of camera. Point-and-shoot models vary in size and in the types of features they offer. Canon digital cameras and Nikon Digital cameras are the best brands of this type.

Advanced models

There are also digital cameras that offer many manual-control features. They sometimes include interchangeable digital camera lenses and many add-on features, such as external flash units. They do not come cheap and are usually used by intermediate, experienced and professional photographers. Olympus digital cameras, Canon digital cameras and Nikon digital cameras are the best brands for these types of digital cameras.