Canvas Printing

f_2p30.jpgDid you know that in today’s world canvas printing is one of the biggest talking points now when it comes to home decoration and wall art? I personally think it’s a great idea as i have a few of my own photos printed on canvas and I also have some of my artwork printed on canvas to. There’s nothing better then getting that feeling of having your photo on canvas. I think it brightens up your home and gives it lots of character as there is a few things you can get to hang on your walls in today wall decoration ideas but the canvas print seem to stick out allot better than the rest.

If you decide to buy some canvas prints then the best place to look is online. Always look for the canvas prints that are well priced and that are made using stretcher bar frames and ink jet printing technology so that you know you’re getting the right product as then you will be guaranteed to have a great work of art to hang on your wall then.

Let’s say you have your photo ready and you don’t have a camera to put it on your computer then you could easily send it to the canvas printing company’s address for them to scan it in, that’s no problem at all. The only thing I would mention with having a scan photo as a canvas print is that it might slightly differ with the quality as appose to having a digital image printed to canvas, reason being is because with a digital photo there’s no room for error when it comes to pore lighting or a reflection that might be caused when you have your photos scanned in and of course the pixels are more likely to be a little more faded through a scanner to.

Just to note when you are purchasing a canvas print is that when you upload an image or a photo to a canvas printers website please make sure that the photos file that you are uploading has either more than 1 megabyte or it has over 350 kilobyte. The reason I say this is because 350 kilobyte is the lowest I would recommend to use for getting the clear quality that your canvas prints or canvas print deservers otherwise you image may be at risk of the pixels being very stretched and will result in your canvas print in being very blurry and no one wanted to have a blurry canvas photo prints now do they.  Apart from that getting a canvas print to hang on your beautifully decorated walls is a fun a fantastic way of show off who you are and its really nice to see your loved ones not only on your walls but it gives them a little enhancement to and almost bring your pictures to life as the colours that you should be seeing on your photo canvas should be blowing you away as they tend to be very rich and vibrant and the thicker frame that is used for canvas printing also looks like it gives your canvas a three dimensional look to.